The last turbine component has been successfully delivered by Ares to Silverton Wind Farm. At over 520km in length from Adelaide to Broken Hill, the transport route for this project is one of the longest ever for a wind farm in Australia, and our trucks and trailers made the journey almost 700 times.

Getting to site was only part of the job done, however, as the wind farm is built on a jagged and rocky ridgeline, with extremely steep and undulating site roads connecting each wind turbine. It would take more than an hour to get from the site entrance to the furthest turbine pads.

Ares Project Manager Rob Vega commented: “Silverton was the ultimate logistical challenge, with a huge inventory to be managed at the port in Adelaide, a long route to site and having to transport components up hills with gradients of 20%. It is a credit to the entire team that Ares were able to complete the project safely and with minimal incidents.”

Read more about the Silverton project here.

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