A proud milestone was achieved today as the final delivery of 3 wind turbine blades was completed to Yandin Wind Farm, bringing to a close 10 months of intense activity for Ares in Western Australia.

Ares was contracted by our client Geodis Wilson to deliver 51 Vestas wind turbine generators from Henderson (south of Perth) to Yandin, some 200km north. We were also delivering another 51 Vestas turbines to Warradarge Wind Farm from the same port for the same client. During the peak of construction activity at both wind farms, Ares maintained a delivery rate of 5 complete turbines per week (that’s around 45 deliveries per week or 8-9 deliveries per day) which is unprecedented in wind turbine transport.

The task was not made any easier with bushfires, torrential rain and of course the COVID-19 pandemic trying their best to disrupt progress. Fortunately, our team on the ground had the experience and knowledge to keep up with demand on site – and all whilst maintaining a flawless HSE record. Kudos to all involved in a very successful project!

Read more about the Yandin Wind Farm here.

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