Today was a significant milestone for the Biala Wind Farm project, with Ares successfully delivering the last remaining blade to site. This means that 31 complete turbines have been delivered in only 16 weeks – an impressive run rate of 2 turbines per week. Deliveries actually finished 2 weeks earlier than scheduled, saving the customer Goldwind significant time, cost and risk.

Adding to the magnitude of our achievement is the fact that transport was completed despite the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. The Ares team worked in unison with the Goldwind team to maintain COVID safety for all parties involved.

Goldwind Australia (GWA) TSI Project Manager Andy Wang said: “We are very pleased with ARES and the logistics service they have provided at Biala Wind Farm for WTG transport. Their comprehensive solution covers every key aspect including planning, permitting, vessel discharge, and delivery to site, and the daily operation is well managed by highly skilled professionals.”

Read more about the Biala project here.

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